What Kind of Parent Are You?

A man in his mid-60’s walked up following my Closing Keynote at a leadership conference in Colorado, with tears in his eyes, and said, “I thought it was too late to become the father I never was for my children, but your message just opened my eyes to what I can become as a Grandfather by doing something now.  I feel I’ve just been granted a second chance at the one thing I failed so greatly at.  My Promise is to be the World’s Greatest Grandpa.  Thank you so much for giving me that hope and realization.”

I didn’t realize my message would affect someone to that extent, but imagine my resolve to understand that The Promise far outweighs the practical business lessons and reaches into the soul of those who may have lost hope in relationships, love, and knowing how to connect/engage with younger generations.

Recently a group of elderly gentlemen came up following an association event I spoke at and said, “We own the largest construction companies in this state, and after hearing you talk about being a Dad we wondered how you came to the realization so early and young to take advantage of this time now, when your kids are young still?”

One kept going, “I’m the Dad who realized too late my son didn’t know how to throw a baseball because I never showed him how.  I just didn’t make the time.  I wish I had, but hearing your message I promise to change that with my kids.  Like the song ‘Cats in the Cradle’!”

How did I come to it?

Truth is –
The kids told me.
My wife told me.
Mostly because I asked.  And painfully realized I wasn’t doing the most important part of parenting.


To be candid, I have to work at this every moment of every day.

I have also surrounded myself with like-minded men who strive to be better Dad’s and share good ideas about it publicly.


My Dad, John B. Hewlett

I had an incredible Dad, who provided for me in ways I won’t be able to for my children, who believed in me and helped foster my talents when most fathers would have been embarrassed.

I like to say, “My Dad was never ashamed; embarrassed….but never ashamed.”

Over the years I set the daily Goal to be a better Dad.  But nothing shifted.

It wasn’t until I changed that Goal to a Promise and proclaimed, “I’m the kind of Dad every kid would want to have!”

If you have the same intention to do better as a Dad, parent, grandparent, even mentor, I’d like to introduce & welcome you to The Gentlemen Project.  It is also called Devoted Dad.  Join the community on Facebook and receive updates daily about great ideas of ways to focus on your kids while they are young.

Started by my friend and custom clothing entrepreneur, Kirk Chugg of Haberdasher, this not-for-profit organization can help any man looking to find a better way to raise their children and how to make a change now.

I hope you’ll join me.  It’s not too late to change The Family.

TEXT-IN the simple line “Dad” to the number 801-285-0221 for a free 14 day trial with amazing examples to being a better dad.



~ jason hewlett

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