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2017 Goals vs. Promises

As the NEW YEAR approaches, what are the GOALS you are focused on accomplishing to really hit a home run this coming year? If you’re like me, you realize that sometimes GOALS aren’t enough. Call it what you will: Resolutions * Commitments * Goals I ask the question: “Why Set a Goal when you can Make a Promise?” I’m not saying Goals aren’t important – that would be ridiculous!  We all need to set Goals. But Goals are those pieces we can chop away at.  Usually Goals are associated with numbers, systems, projects. In that case, Goals are good. Where
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Engaged Employees Make or Break Your Business

Disengaged and uncommitted employees cause more loss of money to business owners than anything else. I’m not talking about non-engaged employees, they at least keep the lights on…I’m talking about disengaged employees that drive business AWAY! Think of the last time you had a GREAT experience at a restaurant, a theme park, or checking into a hotel.  You probably didn’t post anything about it anywhere on the interwebs, you just went about your life, because it’s expected that things ought to just be done well, that’s why you went there! But BAD customer service?  Oh boy!  You’re on every review
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The Promise to The Family: Personal (Part 2)

  Welcome to Part 2 of The Promise to The Family   (If you missed it, CLICK HERE for Part 1: The Business Family: AKA “The Team”)   There are 2 types of families: Personal & Business On a Personal level, there is a FAMILY for which we work, stay disciplined, and bring home the bacon.  This may be your family in your home, comprised of spouse, kids, pets.  For others the Family may be paternal relations, or perhaps dear, dear friends who make up roommates and associates.  And then there are communities, could be religious, health, or those with
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