Jason Hewlett Keynote Speaker

Inducted in the prestigious National Speakers Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and awarded the distinguished CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), Jason’s combination of poignant message, popular music, corporate appropriate humor, and character impressions will engage, inspire, and entertain unlike anyone in the industry.

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“Jason’s message exceeded my expectations and I left inspired to do better."

~Kevin G.

Jason Hewlett – The Promise Keynote

  • Why set a goal when you can make a promise?
  • What promises are you keeping to your clients, your team, your family, yourself?
  • What promises are you breaking?

The author of the Facebook viral post entitled, “I Saw My Wife at Target Today”, which has been seen by more than 100 million people, Jason Hewlett shows audiences a new perspective on goal setting and the engagement experience.

He has delivered hundreds of presentations around the world and performed in every major casino in Las Vegas. One of the youngest inductees into the Speakers Hall of Fame, Jason will demonstrate how to keep The Promise using “I laughed til I cried” humor plus world class music and impersonations. This talk will touch your attendees’ minds and hearts, while providing:

  • Leadership Promise Skills
  • Sales Promise Delivery
  • Work-Life Balance Skills
  • Customer Service Promise Keeping

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Jason Hewlett, created The Promise as a way to deliver the powerful message of engagement in a motivational, inspirational, and very entertaining way.

“The customer knows if we are just doing a job for a paycheck, or actually delivering The Promise we kept upon taking on this career. Through engagement and being fully present we carry the company’s mission to the hearts of those in our audience to a rousing standing ovation and return customers for life.”

~Jason Hewlett

“The way he presented his story along with performing his many talents made the topic of his speech so easy to listen to and reflect on how “The Promise” applies to your life. He really helped to understand and make me take a good look at myself to see if that’s how I was/am with my own kids, spouse, co-workers or anyone else in my life.”

~Pam S.

It’s All About The Engagement Experience

Are your people 100% engaged with the customer, the team, and your mission?

Engagement is the essence of an incredible life and business experience, yet we are often disconnected to being fully present with the most essential people: The Audience, The Family, The One.

Thrilled clients worldwide have raved how The Promise has reminded them, via a most unique journey with popular music, comedy, characters, and impressions that are uncanny, stories that lift our spirits, that we all have a responsibility and opportunity to be fully committed to the mission of the company. When entertainment opens the heart to learning and eventually action, employees and audiences experience regenerated excitement for their careers, passion, commitment, and the most important financial returns businesses seek are fulfilled.

What Is The Engagement Experience?

Is “The Promise” some kind of love story or a corporate message?

It may seem confusing initially, as “The Promise” and “The Engagement Experience” does sound like a Hallmark card. There is a reason for this: Every person who has ever had a job is the performer who has an audience; every team in every corporation is the equivalent of a family; and every one of us has someone we consider our one that we desire to inspire and work for. “The Promise” envelops all of these ideals, in a business sense, and crossing into every day life.

Upon understanding and experiencing this message LIVE at your conference or convention, “The Promise” will become the go-to language your company will embrace when discussing service, commitment, mission, engagement and connection within your culture.

Life-Changing Message + World-Class Entertainment = Unforgettable Audience Experience & Keynote Presentation

Take Away Discussions & Points from The Promise include

The Audience

Your Customers

  1. How are you utilizing your Signature Move, to create an unforgettable Engagement Experience, with your customer on a daily basis?
  2. How is your Signature Move aligned with the Mission Statement of your organization?
  3. Remember the story of TJ the Shuttle Driver — how do you create those types of experiences for your Audience / Customers?

The Family

Your Team

  1. How do you show trust in the abilities and Signature Moves of The Family / The Team?
  2. Give an example of how you’ve given another person within The Family the opportunity to excel in the past week:
  3. How are you taking what you’ve learned as a family member at work and doing the same at home with those who mean the most to you?

The One


  1. What are your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals as a leader in your organization?
    (Remember: Goals are Particulars)
  2. What is your over-arching Promise to your organization as one of the family members?
    (Remember: A Promise is a Proclamation)
  3. What is your main Promise that you need to keep rather than continually break in your work as well as at home?

“Jason’s message about the ‘audience’ affected me to the core. It improved the way I see myself at work and those I come in contact with. As an older employee, it hit home that the younger generation employees need me to mentor and teach, and they expect that. I might not know how to use all this new fancy technology, but I can lead, pass on my experiences and explain the impact and consequences of our decisions. It also helped me understand that I can and do add value to the organization.”

~John G.