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When To Stick Your Hand in the Toilet

  This week I received a very troubling email from our son’s teacher. It was addressed to all parents of boys in the classroom. Apparently someone had pulled one of the many handmade paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and stuck it in the toilet of the boys bathroom. This was brought to our teacher’s attention by another teacher, and now the boys were in trouble as a group, not able to go to recess, or continue with class, until someone either came forward to fess up or go fetch the paper snowflake from the toilet. In the message she
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What is Your Company’s Signature Move?

  I am typing this blog post on an Apple MacBook Pro, even though there is another laptop company with my last name on it. You are wearing NIKE, Reebok, or Adidas shoes because that’s what you’ve worn since you were a kid, but I prefer Altra. I am drinking from a Maverik cup, since that is the only gas station I buy gas and drinks from. I’ll park 200 yards away in a Costco parking lot just to shop there and buy more than I need. Your Under Armor workout clothes make you feel buff, whereas my Lululemon make
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