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Valentine’s Day Promise

  Hey Fellas, Have you ever woken up on Valentine’s Day, gone to work, laboriously moved about your day, drive home in that zombie-like state, walk in the door, and suddenly you feel the familiar sensation of pit in the stomach meets despair? Yes, most of us have all been there. You forgot it was Valentine’s Day.  And there stands your partner, chocolates and card in hand for you, awaiting the gift you so thoughtfully remembered. You are stuck.  Or you can pretend you saw nothing, back slowly away and through the door, and run to 7-Eleven to grab some
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Kindness From Prison

  Last week I wrote about Kindness in this article, as schools nationwide are having Kindness Week. Next week I’m speaking to every one of my kid’s classes at school on Kindness. So let’s continue the theme! The article I wrote last week was good, but this one is better, because it’s by my friend and world-famous author, Dave Crenshaw (Myth of Multitasking, The Power of Having Fun, The Result, among others). Dave contacted me months ago with the invitation to go with him to Pelican Bay, the most infamous high security prison in America, where we would be celebrating
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