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I’m Calling Out Humanity: The Promise to The One

  Here is a video of this post if you prefer to watch   My friend, perhaps the nicest person anyone’s ever known, Ken Day, died on Monday.  He had fallen a few days before when the train he was on jerked and he lost his balance.  Hit his head and went into cardiac arrest.  Bleeding on the train floor, his 13-year old grandson asked the only other person in the train for help and if she had a cell phone he could use.  “Don’t have one”, she said flatly, and stayed in her seat.  This boy then sat on
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Tough Crowd

  If you prefer to watch this video over reading the whole blog post, here is a video summary of the article.   As I finished my funniest, kills every time routine, all I heard were crickets. Ouch. This audience and I did not connect.  Such a painful experience for performer and audience. What had I done wrong, or not well?  Was I off?  Was it because of their profession?  Was it too early in the morning for what I’d prepared?  Was it the bad sound system they provided?  They’re probably just miserable people in general.  Actually, let’s blame them,
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The Curse of Empty Promises

  A friend of mine, Shawn Rapier, told me a sobering story recently.  An old friend reached out 2 months ago and invited him to her wedding.  It was 3 days away, and being out of town, he couldn’t make it.  Instead, Shawn said, “Let’s do this – How about I get a few of our former co-workers together and we can go celebrate with you at lunch?”  She said, “I’d like that”. As Shawn put it, life got in the way and he spaced this invitation as it went to the back of his mind.  Sadly Friday was her
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