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Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mother ~ You gave birth to me.  Loved me before anyone else.  Know me from inside.  I am a part of you.  Thank you for life. Thank you for late nights, sleepily feeding and caring for me, school projects and mending my broken heart. Thank you for mentoring when they said I was different and showing me it was ok.  When they said I was “ugly and had a big mouth”, how you assured me I wasn’t ugly….but had a big mouth… that I could use to smile, spread joy, and sing. The memories of you bring tears of
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Gotta Hand it to United

  A few weeks ago I posted a blog called, “The Promise United Never Made”. Wow did that stir up some strong feelings from the opposers, critics, and posers out there!  Haha. My whole point was simply that United Airlines only had it as a GOAL to make the customer experience be positive, that they never made any kind of PROMISE to us. Many people agreed with my assessment and the change in language, and how that shifts the strength of power in our words. And then others showed up shouting how promises can’t be guaranteed, it depends on the circumstance,
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The Promise of Congruence On & Off Stage

When I was a kid I met my hero, a basketball player who is in the Hall of Fame now, and at the time was the epitome of all I wanted to be in life. I collected his jerseys, wore the same brand shoes as him (before that was a thing), and collected every basketball card ever made about him. The time came to meet my hero.  He was there to sign our memorabilia. I went up to him, asked if he would be willing to sign my stuff… And he refused. He said that he was under contract not
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