The Entertainer

Thank you for finding me!

I’ve spent my career performing private events for the top corporations and associations on earth, averaging over 200 dates per year, mostly with Fortune 500 companies, in venues worldwide.

My goal since the beginning is to bring you a Show you will never forget: Las Vegas Quality AND Family-Friendly.

I also hope to be an invaluable resource to you in every way; whether that be as your Entertainer, your Emcee, your Keynote Speaker, or simply an advisor to making your event incredible through my vast behind-the-scenes and stage-time experience, as well as my vested interest in your success.

I’m here as your partner in putting on the greatest event you ever have. The Show is a combination of popular music, impressions, parody, over-the-top comedy, faces that will make you wonder if it’s CGI Live, and an overall experience that will leave you uplifted and wanting more.

My intention is to promise it will be amazing, and then over-deliver.

Standing ovations abound, and having you as a “Raving Fan” who brings me back over and over is what I work for.

I love what I do. Thank you for considering me for your event.

~ Jason Hewlett

The Show


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american lung association
allen company
Jason, thank you so much for entertaining us at the Shaklee Global Convention. My husband and I hadn't laughed so hard in years. Both of us were crying with laughter! Led Zeppelin will never be the same to us! You are an amazing, special entertainer!
Pam Partch
@jasonhewlett is the funniest guy! #inspiration
Jason, I was at the Visi convention last weekend. YOU WERE TOTALLY AWESOME! I laughed so hard........... I can't believe the things you can do with your face!!!!! hahahahahaha Thanks again for sharing your gifts and talents with are one remarkable entertainer! Many blessings to your and your family.
Barbara Marie Babish
Just listen to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and kept hearing stuck in a chicken dance! LOL Thanks for making my day that much more funny!
Corinne Finch
If you need a good laugh, look up Jason Hewlett The Entertainer! He will get you crying!!!!
Malissa Elkins Van Zee
Amazing show in Sun Valley tonight! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Loved that you closed with Jim Carrey. You were spot on all night. Nicely done Jason!
Andy Thorp
@jasonhewlett is literally the best speaker I have ever heard! keep up the good work
I have never laughed so hard in my life and had such an enjoyable night! I have been bragging about you to all of my family and friends and telling them that they need to see your show. They would love it!
Kaylie Walker
Ur the best!!!!!!!!!
Mitch Cook