It’s All About The Engagement Experience

Are your people 100% engaged with the customer, the team, and your mission?

Engagement is the essence of an incredible life and business experience, yet we are often disconnected to being fully present with the most essential people: The Audience, The Family, The One.

Thrilled clients worldwide have raved how The Promise has reminded them, via a most unique journey with popular music, comedy, characters, and impressions that are uncanny, stories that lift our spirits, that we all have a responsibility and opportunity to be fully committed to the mission of the company. When entertainment opens the heart to learning and eventually action, employees and audiences experience regenerated excitement for their careers, passion, commitment, and the most important financial returns businesses seek are fulfilled.

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Jason Hewlett, created The Promise as a way to deliver the powerful message of engagement in a motivational, inspirational, and very entertaining way.

“The customer knows if we are just doing a job for a paycheck, or actually delivering The Promise we kept upon taking on this career. Through engagement and being fully present we carry the company’s mission to the hearts of those in our audience to a rousing standing ovation and return customers for life.”

~Jason Hewlett

The Engagement Experience

Is “The Promise” some kind of love story or a corporate message?

It may seem confusing initially, as “The Promise” and “The Engagement Experience” does sound like a Hallmark card. There is a reason for this: Every person who has ever had a job is the performer who has an audience; every team in every corporation is the equivalent of a family; and every one of us has someone we consider our one that we desire to inspire and work for. “The Promise” envelops all of these ideals, in a business sense, and crossing into every day life.

Upon understanding and experiencing this message LIVE at your conference or convention, “The Promise” will become the go-to language your company will embrace when discussing service, commitment, mission, engagement and connection within your culture.


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